Helmet Research

Research has been conducted on the effects of wearing a helmet and the risk of a head injury as a result of a collision and accidental discharge. The results show slightly different effects, depending on the study type, population, situation etc.

The following are the main conclusions of this research:

1. Helmets reduce the risk of mortality and head injury, although the effect on death may be modified by other factors surrounding the crash, such as the speed at which the motorcyclist was traveling at when the crash occurred, the weight of the falling object and the distance from which it is falling. Crashes at higher speeds may result in multiple injuries likely to cause death, regardless of how well, the head is protected.

2. There was not enough evidence to determine the effect of helmets on face or neck injuries, although some studies suggest that helmets have no effect on the risk of neck injuries but are protective for facial injuries.

mirror Novelty motorcycle helmet

3. There was insufficient evidence to demonstrate whether differences in helmet types (full-face versus open-face) confer more or less advantage in injury reduction.

4. Further research conducted to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of different helmet types – especially those used in low-income
and middle-income countries – on mortality and on head, neck, and face injuries.

Increasing motorcycle helmet use in countries where such use has been low dramatically reduce head injury and death.

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